FINALLY, after 2 weeks (or more) of having dreamwidth, I post something! :D *snoopy dance*
Hooray I'm got a dreamwidth, thanx to my sweetheart [info - personal]caedya. Of course, until now, I'm still not getting "The Numbers." Grr. Dreamwidth being picky to newbies or what?

Anyway, I don't think I'll be active here. I'll stop by once in a while to check my Reading Page, which usually is the same with my Friend Page @ lj. I'm too lazy to post stuff these days. At least [info - personal]adlina IS active here, but I'm not active AT ALL in my lj or my dreamwidth. And facebook. *sigh*

Just wana say I hope I can get along with the others here, and I'm harmless ^^;

Btw, dreamwidth really works like my brain. Slow

 EDIT: friends, HELP!!



adlina: (Heart Tarts)

From: [personal profile] adlina

I have too much things to rant about regarding my sometimes too fast-paced real life, hence the level of activeness. orz.

Access list: Just your friends list + people who are not your friends, but are given access to read your journal entries :D In DW, granting someone access doesn't mean friending them.


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